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Company "LUKA" ZADAR was founded 01.01.1953. year. The main activity of the future port was developed from transport and shipping company "Transport" Zadar.

Until 1967, company doese not expand its activitie, it remains business with limited capacity without greater importance. Since 1967 when the railway Zadar – Knin was constructed , the main activity of future port Zadar began. From then until now the development of business can be divided into three phases.

The first phase (lasting until 1970) was construction of a new port "Gaženica", second phase /1970-1979./ was rapid development and growth in traffic, and the third phase / in 1979. – till today /was specialization of the Company. From 1970 to 1990, the Port of Zadar note a sudden development, the increase in traffic and the construction of infrastructure and superstructure, especially with arrival of a new highway and reconstruction of railway Luka Zadar is expecting new development cycle.

The town Zadar entire history has been a maritime and port city. Therefore historical data shows that the Zadar was bitranzit port for the export of cattle from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in 1711 exported 10148 cattle to Venice. With development of trade, sea salt, fish and timber was exported so that for example, port traffic in 1929 was amounted 31 700 tonnes.

After World War II, July 1, 1945, Maritime Hall in Zadar was created with 50 longshoremen up to 1948 when the name was changed to "Obalac" company for port transportation work. On 1 January 1953, company „Transportation“ was established and this date marks the beginning of today's company Luka Zadar inc. Zadar.



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